Job Description 

Position Title: Senior Advocacy Officer 

Department Name: Advocacy  

Supervisor of Position: Advocacy Manager 

Employment Definition: Full Time Part Time Internship Contract

Location of Position: Washington, DC

Role Summary:

The Senior Advocacy Officer will be an integral part of SAMS’ HQ Advocacy team, led by the Advocacy Manager. Ideally, the Senior Advocacy Officer will assist the Advocacy Manager with all aspects of advocacy activities (detailed below) as well as manage independent projects and portfolios. This independent work may include the management of advocacy interns and staff in the field. The overall goal of SAMS’ advocacy is to promote our lifesaving work providing dignified, high-quality medical care to some of the most vulnerable communities in Syria and surrounding countries. All activities pursued by the Senior Advocacy Officer should support this primary goal. 

Key Responsibilities:

●       Develop and coordinate policies related to the humanitarian and medical crises in Syria.

●       Build and maintain relationships with, and communicate SAMS’s policy messages to, partner organizations, U.S. government agencies, Congress, UN missions, and UN agencies.

●       Work with and represent SAMS to humanitarian and human rights coalitions and working groups that focus on Syria.

●       Coordinate with regional advocacy staff to unify messaging and increase SAMS’s regional advocacy presence.

●       Research and write reports around SAMS’s findings and response in Syria.

●       Organize and coordinate advocacy related events, including advocacy days, Congressional hearings, and briefings.

●       Draft and edit op-eds and press releases.

●       Assist in developing grassroots advocacy actions and talking points.

●       Write, develop, and collect content for SAMS’s social media and other SAMS resources.

●       Provide weekly updates to SAMS Advocacy Manager and organization-wide regarding Syria specific events in Washington from Congress, State, USAID, European governments, think-tanks and the UN. 

●       Assist in the development and production of SAMS’ research projects including identifying and managing relevant consultants to assist in report production. 


Key Qualifications:

● Bachelor’s degree in political science, economics or a related field

● 3-5 years of related experience in advocacy, working either for a non-profit organization or in a related institution (Congress, policy institutions, etc.)

● Experience meeting deadlines and managing multiple projects simultaneously

● Excellent written and oral communication skills

● Team player who gets along with people of various backgrounds and thrives in diverse environments

● Candidates with a proficiency in Arabic language and/or knowledge of MENA/Syria will have an advantage in seeking this role

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