Why Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Nearly 7,000 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq are currently stranded in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) with 400-500 entering weekly. Although small in number, the refugees are vulnerable. Many have been reliant on humanitarian assistance throughout their migration and have not found the same resources available in BiH. According to our initial needs assessment we conducted in June 2018, most refugees and migrants are based mainly in Sarajevo, in the south central portion of the country, and Velika Kladusa, near the Croatian border in the northwest. However, there are also reports of arrivals into camps in Mostar, Delijas, and Srebrenica. Refugees, including a number of unaccompanied minors and women, travel alone and have no access to adequate medical care, shelter, water, and protection. 

SAMS is responding to refugee medical needs

SAMS Global Response (SGR) is expanding its programming to new locations to meet growing medical needs around the world. SAMS will undertake medical missions in BiH beginning September 23 to fill the gap in immediate medical need and provision of resources for these individuals.

During SAMS’ recent needs assessment, it was apparent that many refugees qualified as highly vulnerable cases requiring the support of professionals with an understanding of their cultural dynamics. SAMS is positioned to give this care in partnership with well established local NGOs to provide medical support to those in need. Refugees and migrants will be served from a central base of Sarajevo through (1) the provision of pharmaceuticals, consumables, and hygiene supplies to a local health clinic and (2) direct medical service from SAMS volunteers over a 3 month period.

Call for Volunteers

SAMS has conducted a preliminary recruitment for medical professionals to join our inaugural medical mission to Bosnia starting September 23. We are still in the process of recruiting experienced Arabic and Farsi translators. If you’re interested in joining us, please fill out this form. For more information, contact our Medical Missions Coordinator at medicalmissions@sams-usa.net.

Can’t volunteer? Donate to our Bosnia Response Fund today!