“I just treated a woman in her twenties who spoke her last words just three hours ago. She was seven months pregnant and we couldn’t save her. There is a huge shortage of medicines and equipment to treat patients in Ghouta.” – SAMS doctor in East Ghouta.

The situation in East Ghouta is beyond dire. After almost three weeks of systematic aerial attacks on the Syrian enclave of East Ghouta, more than 700 civilians have been killed and at least 5,500 injured. Aerial attacks continue despite a ceasefire that was unanimously agreed upon on February 24, 2018. At least 25 medical facilities have been targeted by attacks since February 18, 2018.

Currently, nearly 400,000 civilians are besieged in the area, including more than 130,000 children. Since 2012, civilians have faced frequent aerial attacks and shelling. Hospitals, market places, schools, and other civilian areas continue to be targeted with impunity. In August 2013, 1,200 civilians were killed in a Sarin gas attack perpetrated by the Syrian government. 


The situation in East Ghouta is going from bad to worse by the day. In addition to the ongoing bombardment of hospitals and civilian infrastructure, food prices have skyrocketed, fuel is scarce and essential medical supplies are few and far between.

SAMS has immediately responded to the humanitarian crisis in East Ghouta through the following means:

  • Establishing an emergency response mechanism to monitor events on the ground in East Ghouta on a 24/7 basis.
  • Procuring medications and medical supplies for healthcare facilities in East Ghouta.
  • Providing food baskets to vulnerable Syrians taking refuge in underground shelters, expected to reach 109,700 people. 
  • Distributing meals to medical workers at health facilities. Medical workers are working around the clock to treat the injured and ill, unable to leave their healthcare facilities due to the danger outside, or due to the overwhelming influx of wounded patients.
  • Continuing to pay the salaries of brave medical staff across Syria.
  • Reinforcing  and resupplying medical facilities, as conditions permit.
  • Working to develop a medical evacuation plan which protects patients and medical personnel.
  • Working closely with partners  to provide humanitarian aid.
  • Supporting efforts by the UN Security Council to institute a cease fire, which must also include the unhindered entrance of necessary humanitarian aid and the medical evacuation of critically-ill patients.
Support the People of East Ghouta. Donate Today. 

In order to continue responding to the catastrophic situation in East Ghouta, we need your help. Your generous donations will save lives. After enduring five years of siege, nearly 400,000 civilians in East Ghouta have been struck by a barrage of airstrikes, barrel bombs, and surface-to-surface missiles, coupled with siege, starvation, and displacement. For the 80,000 children trapped in East Ghouta, the depth of suffering is beyond comprehension.

You can show the people of East Ghouta that the world hasn’t forgotten about them. You can support the purchase of medications, medical supplies and meals for those in need. 

Our tireless medical personnel are not ready to abandon their patients, and neither are we.  Help us  ensure that we can continue providing care in the face of this humanitarian crisis.  A dollar you donate today will save a live tomorrow.

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