The most significant impact of attacks on healthcare facilities has been the documented loss of life and injury. According to SAMS’ “A Heavy Price to Pay” report, a total of 123 medical staff lost their lives in the recorded attacks on healthcare facilities. Between 2013 and 2021, SAMS documented 385 attacks on healthcare workers, resulting in the deaths of 152 individuals. Notably, 61 of these victims were dedicated SAMS’ workers. Beyond SAMS’ data, a study by Physicians for Human Rights revealed that at least 948 medical professionals have been killed in Syria from 2011 through March 2023. This report serves as a memorial to the lives of those heroes who sacrificed themselves to help others.

This booklet stands as a crucial component of the extensive Humanitarian Footprints initiative led by SAMS, committed to shedding light on the issue of violence against healthcare workers in the Syrian conflict. Within these pages, we chronicle the poignant stories of 11 health workers, among the 61 who lost their lives while selflessly serving at SAMS-supported facilities in Syria between 2013 and 2021.

In addition to this booklet, the campaign features visual testimonies with the families of eight healthcare workers who lost their lives and an analytical report that exclusively documents SAMS-recorded attacks on healthcare. Together, these elements aim to convey the gravity of the challenges faced by healthcare workers in the Syrian conflict. In this report, we pay tribute to these healthcare workers, recognizing their ultimate sacrifice for those they served. Click here to view the full report in French.