2021 was another challenging year for medical personnel in Syria and around the world. In Syria, we faced ongoing attacks on healthcare, an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations, and growing health needs caused by protracted conflict and displacement. In neighboring countries, the misery of the large refugee population was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the obstacles we faced, SAMS expanded its operations in 2021, establishing 4 COVID-19 hospitals and providing basic and specialized health care to millions of people in Syria and neighboring countries.

In 2021, SAMS provided over 2.3 million medical services, including trauma care, surgeries, newborn deliveries, physical rehab, psychosocial support and much more to vulnerable populations in seven countries–Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Greece, and the USA–at an average cost of just $15 per service.

Our achievements would be inconceivable without the support of our generous donors, members, volunteers, and tireless staff and medical workers. Thank you for helping us ensure that conflict-impacted populations in Syria and beyond have access to dignified, quality medical care.

“We were living a normal life. I was able to work and treat my sick son up until the war started. We were forced to leave and seek refuge in Iraq. We have lost everything.”

–Ahmed Ibrahim, a Syrian resident of the Gawilan camp in Dahouk, Iraq.

Your generosity helped us achieve extraordinary results in 2021.  As we embark on new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, we ask for your continued partnership and support.