To be a doctor in Syria since the beginning of the current crisis means to risk one’s life in order to save lives. Syria today is the most dangerous place in the world to be a doctor.

SAMS has been providing medical relief to Syrian doctors and hospitals throughout Syria while tracking and documenting the ordeal of Syrian doctors in their daily struggle to access to life-saving medications for their patients, critical medical supplies to treat the wounded, and needed medical equipment that will help them save more lives of their patients. In addition to providing medical relief, training and support to Syrian doctors, SAMS has sent more than 120 Syrian-American and American physicians and medical personnel to medical missions inside areas of Syria undergoing hostilities to treat patients, perform life-saving surgeries, train personnel and conduct assessments over the past two years. Amidst acute shortages of medical personnel, critically needed medical equipment, medications, and even electricity, these physicians left their families in order to volunteer in the most dangerous place in the world to be a doctor. This study is a snapshot of what these physicians said about the danger they and their heroic colleagues inside Syria faced.