Hala Alhadad
“My only dream is to have a piece of bread.” – Umm Mohamad, 52, Madaya
“Madaya is like another world. Everyone is starving.” – Loay, 28, Madaya
Civilians in Madaya, a besieged city in rural Damascus, are facing staggering levels of need.Up to 40,000 civilians are starving to death after living under siege for six months.With severe food shortages, desperate men, women, and children have resorted to eating plants, insects, and even cats in order to survive. Medical services are scarce and drastically undersupplied. SAMS Board Member Dr. Ammar Ghanem said, “They have no supplies, and no training – one of their only doctors is a veterinarian who is now operating on humans.” 


Civilians, cut off from international assistance, are starving to death in Madaya. 
 We need your support to bring emergency humanitarian aid to these suffering civilians. 
Since the beginning of December 2015, 31 people have died, 6 of whom were infants less than 1 year old. The majority of these deaths were a result of protein deficiency or malnutrition. Unless support reaches Madaya quickly, we expect many more deaths of this kind.