“I would like to tell you that Omran is a very lucky child because he found somebody to help him. He found somebody to extract him from underneath the rubble. He found an ambulance to take him to the hospital. He found doctors in the hospital to take care of him,”
– Dr. Osama Abo Ezz, General Surgeon and SAMS Aleppo Coordinator

Just over one week ago, the world was moved by the heartbreaking image of Omran, the five year-old boy from Aleppo who lost his brother and his home in one devastating airstrike. Images of the little boy filled the media, showing just a small glimpse into daily life for thousands of children in Aleppo and Syria. Violence, death, and fear now fill the childhoods of Syria’s next generation. No child should experience this level of suffering.


“There are hundreds of children and women who stay under the rubble in Aleppo city. There are scores of children and civilians turning to shreds,”

– Dr. Osama Abo Ezz
Despite the outrage across the world this past week, 12 more children have been killed  yesterday in a barrel bomb attack in eastern Aleppo City. “Scenes of loss and violence like these play out nearly everyday in Syria,” CNN reports. Unlike Omran, these were not the lucky ones. Twelve children, including a two month old infant, were targeted, attacked, and killed in eastern Aleppo City.
“The Syrian medics and rescue workers in Aleppo have sacrificed everything, some even their lives,”
– Dr. Samer Attar, Orthopedic Surgeon and SAMS Volunteer
Everyday, airstrikes continue to severely injure and kill civilians. Our hospitals are overwhelmed by the numbers of wounded civilians. Our doctors are working 24/7 to save lives and bring comfort to the families of the victims. We must show them they are not alone and that the world has not turned their back on them.

SAMS calls for action. Words are not enough. Protecting children must be a priority.  Start here, show your support for the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2016 (HR 5732). Call for accountability for war crimes in Syria and protection for civilians from aerial attacks.


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