For Immediate Release** 

February 20th 2023

Five of SAMS’ hospitals in Syria received at least 30 injured from today’s early evening 6.4 magnitude earthquake that followed in the wake of the massive February 6 earthquake that killed over 40,000 along the Turkey-Syria border. Damage to SAMS’ medical facilities from today’s earthquake appears to be minimal.

Syrians and Turks in the area are still reeling from the larger earthquake that struck the border area 15 days ago as rescue and relief efforts from that disaster are still ongoing. SAMS’ 2,400 staff in the region–nearly half of whom were displaced by the disaster–continue to provide urgent medical and other assistance to the thousands of casualties, many requiring long-term therapeutic as well as mental health support. Following the February 6 earthquake, SAMS raced to deliver needed medical supplies to its clinics and hospitals which typically provided 7,000 services per day prior to the disaster. 

SAMS is coordinating with all responders to ensure that the survivors get the care and protection they need. Despite four of SAMS’ hospitals being significantly damaged in the February 6 earthquake, rendering one inoperable, SAMS continues to provide comprehensive medical care.


For media inquiries please contact:

Mayssoun Olabi