Dear Members, Staff, and Supporters,


I am honored to share with you all that SAMS has achieved a 50% growth in the last year thanks to its dedicated staff and doctors, and a well-defined shared vision. Last year, we were able to extend our services to support new facilities, and reach far more Syrians inside Syria and in neighboring countries. The number of beneficiaries has doubled from the previous year, our budget has increased by 50%, and our membership has also grown by 50%. Recently, we have launched SAMS Global Response Committee, and soon we will announce our newly designed programs to involve the youth in leading the organization, SAMS Students.
Your support, contribution, and dedication have translated into making peace, bringing hope, and building the future for an entire generation of children and youth. 
The SAMS humanitarian team is attending the ongoing Geneva Consultations to advocate for the protection of civil society and the delivery of humanitarian aid and medical supplies to those in need; rebuilding a prosperous Syria; and ensuring a peaceful transition.
Our Board of Directors, in consultation with SAMS Chapter Presidents, is meticulously devising the strategic plan to help more people in need inside Syria, in neighboring countries, and around the globe.
The Foundation Board and SAMS regional offices are effectively executing outstanding operations despite the challenges they face on a regular basis.
I would like to extend special thanks and gratitude to SAMS’s Dr. Mazen Kewara for advancing our humanitarian work and leading our team in Geneva, Dr. Maysoun Al-Hariri for spearheading the membership committee, and Mr. Safaa Aladham for managing and leading our finance department.
With your trust and your generous support, we are confident that we will achieve a much higher impact by doubling the number of beneficiaries and eventually reaching the 12.2 million people in dire need of assistance inside Syria. SAMS is proud to be a product of our prosperous community and a reflection of our humanitarian values.

I look forward to seeing you at our 16th International Conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia, from July 22- 24.



Dr. Ahmad Tarakji

President, Syrian American Medical Society