Dear members and supporters,

With the end of the U.S. presidential election season, we hope that attention will turn once again to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. As members of the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), we reaffirm our commitment to work with both the current administration, as well as the incoming administration, to help bring about an end to the conflict and to help solve the refugee crisis that has been the worst since World War II. As a medical relief organization, our mission is to save lives, improve the quality of life for those suffering and displaced as a result of this conflict, and support our medics on the ground who are risking their lives to save others. We are ready and willing to work with our leader in order to address this humanitarian emergency in a fair and just way, and one which respects the rights of all people. 

Every day, our medical staff on the ground relay reports of horrific attacks and ever-worsening conditions. For the more than one million Syrians, including many children, currently living under siege, help can’t come soon enough. It is the moral obligation of our government, as well as the broader international community, to take the necessary action to protect these innocent civilians.

While we are willing to discuss any and all policy options, we reaffirm our strong belief that the following steps must be taken by the our government:

  • Reaching an agreement with the parties involved to end the inhumane and illegal bombing of civilians in eastern Aleppo City and elsewhere in Syria. All parties involved must fully comply with and respect international law.
  • All access routes to eastern Aleppo City and besieged areas throughout Syria must be opened in order for humanitarian supplies to be delivered, and for those civilians who wish to leave to be able to do so. Critical medical evacuations must be granted immediately, in adherence to international humanitarian principles, and must allow for the return of civilians to their hometowns. 
  • Funds must continue to be appropriated and disbursed for medical relief. As the crisis worsens, along with the severity of illnesses, this funding should be increased accordingly.

Now is the time to come together to help protect the innocent civilians of Syria. Ourgovernment must use whatever means necessary to stop the suffering of millions of innocent civilians. As a nation, we have always prided ourselves on helping others in their time of greatest need. So, too, as an organization do we strive for that every day. It is oursincere hope that our government will join with us on this most critical of missions. 

Together, we can make a difference. Join our mission as we strive to provide life-saving medical care for innocent children, men, and women. Please donate


Majd Isreb, MD
Chair, Syrian American Medical Society Foundation

Ahmad Tarakji, MD
President, Syrian American Medical Society