Tasks include:

  1. Identify opportunities for SAMS to expand its work in Lebanon, review proposals for new medical relief projects, or expansions of existing projects, evaluate the accuracy of the information and present them to Lebanon Country Director and Lebanon Regional Relief Committee.
  2. Conduct regular visits to SAMS medical projects facilities, evaluate the services, the performance and the efficiency and provide recommendations for improvements.
  3. Review reports and documentation submitted by the projects and assure that they meet SAMS standards and agreement conditions in collaboration with Lebanon Programs manager.
  4. Assist in developing and implementing SAMS procurement policy and procedure and the selection of the most beneficial medicine inventory and supplies for SAMS projects.
  5. Develop policies for organizing medical missions, training and workshops, identify partner facilities for volunteers to work at, selection criteria of patients for procedures done by volunteer and patients’ follow up plan.
  6. Represent SAMS in educational and health awareness events with other partners.
  7. Represent SAMS in meetings related to medical relief and humanitarian services for Syrian refugees by other non-profit organizations and the health sector as assigned by the Committee and /or Lebanon Programs Manager.
  8. Build relationship with healthcare education and academic centers and present proposals for continuous professional development for SAMS staff with them. 
  9. Identify priorities of refugees and vulnerable groups’ medical needs and potential partners by representing SAMS in meetings related to medical relief and humanitarian services for Syrian refugees with other non-profit organizations and the health sector.
  10. Attend Lebanon Regional Relief Committee meetings and submit reports (written or oral) when requested.
  11. Report to Lebanon Country Director.


  1. Medical degree. Additional graduate degree in a public health field or global health is a plus. 
  2. At least 3 years experience in a management position in humanitarian relief work that includes the health sector. 
  3. Skilled in coordination, representation, planning projects assessment and management. 
  4. Excellent interpersonal communications. 
  5. Fluency in Arabic and English.  
  6. Ability to multitasking, work under pressure and meet deadlines. 
  7. Experience in managing grants is highly desirable. 

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to careers@sams-usa.net by August 26, 2018.