As we prepare to mark the beginning of 2023, I would like to share the gratitude of the SAMS’ Board as well as some news about progress we’ve made. And I would like to give thanks to our dedicated staff, Members, and supporters for a very successful year even though 2022 tested us often.

Despite the continuing challenges presented by COVID-19 and more recently a countrywide cholera outbreak, SAMS provided over 2 million medical services in 2022 at an average cost of less than 15 dollars per service. This work was made possible by the dedication and courage of our staff, by donors and partners who funded these efforts, and by all our supporters and Members who lent insight, time and money to make it happen. As is true every year, none of this would be possible without you!

I am also excited to share some new initiatives undertaken by SAMS over the past 12 months that we hope will grow and expand in the New Year. In 2022, SAMS started the first Cochlear implant program for children in Northwestern Syria and surrounding countries, restoring the ability to hear to several dozen children so far. In a similar vein, SAMS is expanding programs in dental care, medical education, midwifery training and mental/psycho-social health services. 

These programs represent an effort by SAMS to expand its services to treat the chronic and long-term conditions that preclude a return to normalcy in Northwest Syria. A major challenge for our organization and all our partners going forward will be to remind the world that there is still much work to be done in Syria, that thousands remain without adequate shelter and security, and that it is still far too difficult to get access to high-quality, dignified care.

SAMS is committed to making sure such care is available and we know we can count on you to help as well. Let’s make 2023 a year of unprecedented support and growth for the Syrian people. We know we can do it together. 

Happy New Year,

President Amjad Rass