In April 2018, actor and activist Amber Heard joined SAMS on a medical mission to Jordan. During the trip, Amber met Weam, 12. Weam lives in Jordan’s Al-Zaatari Refugee Camp, and she suffers from a life-threatening condition called thalassemia. When we met Weam, she had not received the lifesaving care that she needed in months due to budget cuts, and the cost of care is simply too high for her family to afford. Sadly, there are at least 12 other children in Zaatari suffering from the same condition. 

“I was incredibly moved by the work SAMS is doing on the ground in Jordan &  elsewhere to bring relief to those in need. I felt humbled by the countless doctors, medical staff, volunteers, everyone volunteering their life, time, and energy to helping. This experience left an indelible mark on my soul.” – Amber Heard, SAMS Goodwill Ambassador, Actor & Activist.  

Since her visit to camp, Amber partnered with SAMS  to ensure that Weam and the other 12 kids with the same condition can get the blood transfusions and medications that they need and deserve. We are happy to share that Weam has resumed her treatment thanks to Amber’s efforts. However, thalassemia requires lifelong treatment and we need your help to ensure that Weam and the other 12 children living in the camp continue their treatment without interruption.  

Weam told us that she wants to be a hematologist so she can help other children with the same disease. Help us ensure that Weam can find the life-long care that she needs and one day fulfill these aspirations.

Your contribution will go directly to providing life-saving blood transfusions and medications for Weam, and the other 12 children who suffer from this condition. 

Amber Heard has been working with SAMS to raise awareness and support our mission and vision to ensure everyone has access to the care they need. Amber joined our April 2018 Multi-Specialty Mission to Jordan, and visited our multi-specialty medical center in Al-Zaatari Camp, where she met with the physicians and medical mission volunteers providing free medical care, as well as Syrian refugees receiving this vital service.

To support our ongoing efforts to provide dignified care for Syrian refugees living in Jordan, please consider making a gift to SAMS today.