Call for Proposals in Professional Diploma Curriculum Design, Development, and Delivery

In 2022, with funding from the European Union, SAMS embarked upon a multi-year program to deliver Advanced Quality Learning Initiatives in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Northern Syria. The overall objective is to achieve improved access to inclusive, comprehensive, and integrated quality MHPSS services for populations in need in northern Syria.  The specific objective of the action will be increased availability of specialized MHPSS personnel in northern Syria, including both graduates and trainers.

During the project’s inception phase, SAMS commissioned a mixed methods scoping study on the MHPSS workforce and education system in Syria to guide future programming, and organized workshops with key MHPSS stakeholders in Syria to discuss findings from these reports. Based on these activities, SAMS is planning to develop and deliver the following masters and professional diploma programs to students in northern Syria between 1 September 2023 and 31 August 2025, contingent on approval of a no-cost extension by the European Union:

  • Master’s Degree Program in Clinical Psychology (approximately 5 students)
  • Master’s Degree Program in Psychiatric Nursing (approximately 10 students)
  • Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy (approximately 35 students)
  • Professional Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing (approximately 35 students)
  • Professional Diploma in Psychosocial Support (approximately 35 students)

Through this Call for Proposals, SAMS is looking for entities and/or individuals to develop only the professional diploma programs in northern Syria. The entities/individuals selected to develop these programs will also provide technical support for delivery of such programs, in coordination with SAMS and other key stakeholders – primarily pre-vetted Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) based in Northern Syria. To promote engagement with the courses and peer-to-peer support, these Syria-based Higher Education Institutions will provide opportunities for students to meet on campus and use the university classrooms and equipment to join the courses. Further, SAMS will coordinate with local health facilities to provide practicum sites for students and graduates.

Kindly find the Call for Proposals document here.

*** Deadline postponed until Tuesday, May 30, 2023, 17:00 US Eastern Time (EST). 

Kindly find the Call for Proposals application here.