Events and Business Development Coordinator

Department Name: Society
Supervisor of Position: President of SAMS Society and SAMS Foundation Executive Director
Employment Definition: Full-Time
Location of Position: Negotiable

Please send resume and cover letter to:

Role Summary:
The coordinator serves as the key interlocutor and administrator of the Society Board, its leadership, and its
members. Foremost in the role is organizing SAMS’ annual conferences and other events. The coordinator will
also be central in promoting membership growth and supporting various activities of a lively membership-based
organization. With occasional weekend and night-time meetings, the coordinator will experience a flexible

Key Responsibilities and Duties

Event Coordination:

  • Overall coordination of conferences, events, and social excursions in collaboration with Society Board
    and conference committees.
  • Develop and manage event budgets and oversee selection and contract negotiations for event venues in
    collaboration with Society Board and conference steering committees.
  • Responsible for all communication with event venues, including contracting, defining meeting space
    requirements, audio/visual technical requirements, conference agenda and schedules, speaker and invitee
    travel coordination, food & beverage requirements, and on-site coordination during event.
  •  Oversee all event promotion activities in coordination with SAMS Foundation Media and
    Communication Department, including development of promotional material including flyers, social
    media posts, email invitations, newsletters, multimedia, and others.
  • Oversee conference registration process, hotel reservations process for guests and staff, and sponsorship
    outreach and communication.
  • Coordinate closely with relevant SAMS Foundation departments for event preparation as needed,
    especially Media and Communications Department, Advocacy Department, Finance Department, and
    Fundraising Department.
  • Support Conference Scientific Committees as needed.

Business Development and Administrative Support:

  •  Develop yearly operational plans and strategies for Society including membership recruitment and
    retention, events and conferences, and Society media and visibility strategy in collaboration with Society
  •  Assists Membership Committee in implementing membership growth strategies. Supervises part-time
    Membership Coordinator and Chapter Coordinators.
  • Attend all professional Society Board meetings, take meeting minutes, and follow up on the
    implementation of the decisions made.
  • Assist as needed with Board of Director’s elections on National and Chapter levels.
  •  Maintains records of all event and conference finances including expense, revenue, and profit/loss
  • Communicate with Society chapters’ representatives, keep records of their membership, support their
    professional activities, and facilitate communication with Society Board.
  • Focal point for SAMS Members, responding to inquiries about Society events and activities.
  • Provide general administrative support
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned

Education level: Bachelor’s degree desired
Experience: Event planning preferred
Specific skills Cross-cultural and customer-service experience helpful