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An Urgent Appeal to Support Aleppo Medical Facilities

Dear Supporter,

In the past 4 days, the city of Aleppo has undergone a siege of aerial bombing. Over 100 fatalities are confirmed, including at least 60 children, and hundreds more are injured.

Medical facilities in Aleppo were already stretched beyond capacity, and now are experiencing dire shortages in medical supplies. Beyond the lack of equipment, the harshness of winter has reached Syria, exacerbating the already serious situation. Many aid workers are working without basics like heat and electricity.

Day and night, our tireless medical providers are struggling to keep the injured alive but they cannot do it alone. They need your help. We are asking for your financial support so we can provide these desperately needed supplies including: fuel, generators, surgical consumables, intensive care medications and sterilization supplies. Please donate generously.

Your Urgent Support is Greatly Needed. Please help us save Syrian lives.

Please donate online at Or call us at (866) 809-9039.

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About 'Save Syrian Lives'

SAMS 9 medical relief programs make up an integrated emergency healthcare network throughout Syria and for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon. They treat the wounded onsite, provide emergency surgery, evacuate the injured to advanced care, and heal the sick. Please give to Save Syrian Lives’.

SAMS Documentary & Videos

SAMS' network of volunteer physicians and medical professionals delivers direct emergency care and humanitarian aid in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon.

Please watch here or visit SAMS YouTube channel, to watch documentaries and videos about what we do.

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Pay your Zakat to ‘Save Syrian Lives’. Your charitable gift to ‘Save Syrian Lives’ is tax-deductible. Give generously now. Monthly gift plans available. Any amount can help ‘Save Syrian Lives’.




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