February 14, 2023

SAMS Hellas is the Greek division of the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) Foundation, the international medical organization working on the front lines of medical crisis resolution in Syria, improving and saving lives in countries where public health stability needs to be strengthened (Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Bangladesh and elsewhere). SAMS is one of the most active and credible international NGOs in Syria. Since 2015, SAMS provides Greece health care and specialized services for Pediatrics, Gynecology, General Pathology, Dentistry, and Ophthalmology-Optometry in the Aegean islands, Attica and Thessaloniki. In 2017 alone, SAMS provided more than 3.5 million medical services, including 3.2 million within Syria. Some of the activities of the Organization are the integrated approach of medical care in the form of regular clinics, coverage of primary health, educational programs, strengthening the integration of the child population in the Greek Public Education Structures, treatment programs through art, and more.

In official cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration & Asylum, the National Organization of Public Health (EODY), the Ministry of Health and Civil Society Agencies, SAMS from September 2020 focuses on vulnerable groups of refugees, immigrants, and low-income Greeks / Greeks the specialties of Pediatrics, Gynecology and General Pathology with a horizontal action plan through Mobile Medicine and Paramedical Team.


  • Serve as a nurse on the mobile medical team; support the assessment and treatment of women and children
  • Provide medical information for patients and their families, including designing and delivering educational programs on COVID-19 prevention
  • Support medical recordkeeping for the program; ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained in accordance with Greek law and EU GDPR regulations
  • Contribute to data collection, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting in order to improve the quality of medical care and service delivery
  • Monitor the use of drugs and the correct administration of treatments by the team.
  • Monitoring the observance of hygiene procedures with a particular focus on COVID-19 related infection prevention
  • Additional clinical administrative duties as assigned, including supporting the development of clinical workflows and policies
  • Provide transportation to the mobile medical team or members of the mobile medical team to/from the site via SAMS vehicle or other vehicle after consulting with the CPM and the Medical Consultant.
  • Organize/prepare for and participate/represent the team in trainings related to the object of the role and collaborations/partnerships of the Organization with state operators and NGOs
  • Transport medical equipment necessary for the operations of the Organization.


  • Nurse degree ΑΕΙ/ΤΕΙ
  • Official license to practice nursing in Greece
  • Two years of nursing experience after training, preferably in the following areas: internal medicine, emergency room, pediatrics, neonatology, intensive care, maternal health, and/or
  • obstetrics/gynecology (flexible experience required)
  • Fluency in Greek and English
  • Teamwork, willingness, adaptability and ability to work in a multicultural framework
  • Flexibility and ability to manage stress
  • Experience in development of policies and standard operating procedures for clinical operations,
  • Experience in working under COVID-19 pandemic requirements and precautionary measures, particularly for infection prevention and control.
  • Experience supervising and training medical professionals and volunteers
  • Computer skills: Knowledge of MS Office, Video Conferencing Applications


  • Experience with international organizations
  • Experience with the design and implementation of medical programs
  • Experience providing medical care for refugees, migrants, or low-income Greeks
  • Experience with telemedicine
  • Professional working proficiency in Arabic, Dari/Farsi, French, or Pashto

How to apply

Resumes to be sent in English to the following email address greece-hr@sams-usa.net and email title “Nurse-Health Educator”.