December 9, 2016

OmarTwo years ago I finished my high school, and I got high grades, but I couldn’t attend the university as the university is located in area which controlled by Assad regime and I am a resident of rebel-held area. Because of that I stayed a whole year without studying. I felt myself useless, helpless, and broken.

In September 2015, while I was surfing, the internet I saw an announcement of a scholarship to study medicine. I applied to it with many other students, I had an interview and I did well. A few days later I was told that I was accepted in SAMS scholarship with eleven other students. I can’t express how happy I was.

After a while I was told to pack my luggage and travel to Ankara to study both English and Turkish languages.

After I had arrived in Ankara I met my friends who were also accepted in the SAMS scholarship for the first time. That was so warm. Then I started learning English and Turkish (we studied Turkish because it was possible that we would study in Turkey), and eventually my study journey started.

After we studied the two languages, we applied to many universities in Turkey, but unfortunately all our applications were rejected even though our grades were high. Then we started losing our hope.

In August we were asked to enter the entrance exams of The Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST) and so we did. A few days later we were told that we were accepted in the university medical school. We were so happy, excited and full of hope that finally we will be able to start studying medicine and do something that will enable us to serve our country and our Syrian brothers and sisters.

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to tell my parents. I told them and you can’t picture how happy they were. My mother started crying of joy.

Everything was done, we received the acceptance letters and invitation letters, and were waiting only for the issuing of visas. Unluckily, the visas were issued so late that is why we are two months late to the university, but at least they were issued😀.

Our journey was on Sunday, November 20, but unfortunately our first plane from Ankara to Istanbul was delayed, so that we couldn’t catch up our next journey – from Istanbul to Sarajevo – and we had to sleep in the airport. We were so exhausted.

The following day we arrived in the airport of Sarajevo. The rector, the staff and students of the university welcomed us. Soon we forgot our tiring trip and all our exhaustion. This atmosphere was so warm and they were all very nice, then we had a short interview, after that they picked us up to the hotel.

The following day we went to the university, and Ms. Naida showed us the structure of the faculty and introduced us to the students; they were so kind and welcoming.

And that is all how our journey was 😄

Finally I would like to thank SAMS organization for supporting us to be helpful doctors in the near future, and SSST university for giving us the opportunity to study medicine.


By Omar Mosto