November 3, 2016

By Ruemon and Mehul Bhattacharyya


Every day we wake up in the morning to the smell of a great breakfast. We see our parents happily making our lunch to take to school. With a full stomachs, we I go to a beautiful school building to learn. For six hours we learn all kinds of subjects and ideas. Then we come back home to a loving family. We live in a beautiful house on a hill. We have a yard to play on. Our playroom is filled with all kinds of toys. We have my own personal spaces to play and relax. Every day, we feel a sense of safety, fulfillment, and accomplishment.

Many children in many parts of the world do not have any of the luxuries we get. Many times, they do not even have the basic necessities in life.

We saw pictures of refugee camps that brought tears in our eyes. Children in Syrian refugee camps have a very different and much tougher life style. Good meals and a great education are not available to them. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, still many refugees go without breakfast because it is not there when they need it. In Syrian refugee camps, children and families live in crowded tents and do not have any outdoor space to play. Many refugees do not even have indoor bathrooms. They have a general space to sleep and spend most of their time. Litter and mud surround the tents. We can go on and on about this sad situation!

How are they warming up food during winter months? Who is making sure they have warm clothes to protect them from cold and flu? Do they have medicine when they are sick? Are they reading books to learn how beautiful the Earth is? Are they being kissed by their parents? Some may have lost their parents during war. Who is taking care of them?

We need answers to these questions now before it is too late. We need to give them hope and happiness.

Foundations such as SAMS raise money to offer these refugees a better life. This is why we hope to sell all the books we wrote to donate all the money to SAMS. Our dream is to make sure all children and families can have a joy-filled life just like our own.  

Our books, Weird Larks, Ghost of the Mist, Ghost of the Mist: The True Hero, and Handful of Hope, are available at Amazon.