August 1, 2016

Dr. Z Castello RoadThe following letter comes from a SAMS-supported healthcare worker who is unable to return to his facility in Aleppo due to the closure and targeting of Castello Road.

“Greetings and blessings,

How are you Doctor? I hope you are doing well.

I would like to give you a clear picture of my situation. I left Aleppo for Eid break and when I planned for the return trip, I could not travel into Aleppo despite 3 attempts over the span of 10 days. During one of these attempts, I reached the midpoint of Castello road, past the most dangerous portion, which was constantly targeted, only to find it blocked with burned cars and debri. There was no way to pass the carnage, which had turned completely black like coals. I had to turn back.

In the hospital in Aleppo, I left colleagues that are like brothers to me, and I cannot get back to join them again. A few days ago, the head of the Aleppo health directorate contacted us and updated us on his communications with entities from the UN. He asked us to give him our names if we would like the UN to help us get a passage back to Aleppo and I have done that.

I have great hope that by the grace of God conditions will change and the road to Aleppo will open so I can get back to the city and resume my duties there.

I am currently waiting in my city in the Idlib Governorate.”